Deadline March 13, 2017

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, Cornell College and Center for Teaching & Learning will sponsor an all-college Student Symposium to provide a forum for students to present their scholarly and creative work to the college community.

Students with interesting ideas, creative projects, research results, or noteworthy off–campus experiences are encouraged to participate. 

Formats: Participants choose from four types of presentations:

  1. a fifteen minute oral presentation followed by discussion.
  2. poster presentation which involves displaying your work on or in front of a 4’ x 6’ bulletin board, and answering questions from viewers.
  3. an electronic poster presentation involves the same format of a poster presentation and is projected rather than printed.
  4. a short musical or theatrical performance followed by a critical analysis of the performance or work.

Authorship:  Papers, posters, or performance/lectures may be the work of one person or part of a larger collaborative effort.  However, student authors are limited to two presentations.

Content:  You may wish to report on experiments, review research on a particular topic, present reflections on off-campus learning (volunteer work or internships), revise and expand a successful paper from a class, present results from a junior or senior project, and so forth.  The possibilities are almost limitless. Click here for Guidelines and Examples of previous symposium sessions.

Sponsorship:  Ask a faculty member to sponsor your work and help you prepare for the symposium. Together, you and your faculty sponsor will decide if your ideas are appropriate for a presentation.

Deadline:  March 13th

Use the submission form to provide the required information and abstract (250 – 300 words). Prior to doing so, discuss your ideas with your faculty sponsor.  This is a firm deadline.

IRB:  Research that involves work with human subjects must receive prior approval from the IRB (Institutional Research Board).