Foreword from Dean R. Joseph Dieker:

The Student Symposium serves as a venue for some of our most engaged and accomplished students to share their work with the broader campus community and others. It demonstrates the remarkable range of interests pursued in and beyond the classroom at Cornell. This year features 76 students, working with 37 faculty members across 28 different departments and programs. There will be 26 oral presentations and 33 printed poster presentations. The following pages present the schedule for the 2017 Student Symposium at Cornell College, along with the abstracts of the oral and poster presentations to be featured on this day.

In addition to recognizing student research, the organization of the Student Symposium also celebrates the liberal arts. Psychology is paired with Economics and Business. History presents with Environmental Studies. And technology is brought to the forefront of student work in the area of digital humanities. At Cornell College, students draw meaning and gain a richer sense of knowledge through the connections made across disciplines and subjects. We are looking forward to celebrating this breadth of knowledge today with our inaugural Symposium lunch in Smith Dining Room. President Jonathan Brand and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jai Shanata will be our featured speakers.

This year’s Student Symposium was coordinated by the Cole Library Center for Teaching and Learning. The logistics and technical aspects of the symposium were handled by Brooke Bergantzel, Greg Cotton, Laura Farmer, Amy Gullen, Jennifer Haigh, Jessica Johanningmeier, Kristin Reimann, Jennifer Rouse, Ellen Wrede, Meghan Yamanishi, and Matt Zhorne. I offer my heartfelt thanks to them, and to the faculty members serving as session moderators, for their contributions to this project.

I invite you to participate in what promises to be a thought-provoking, exhilarating, and reflective day in our intellectual, creative, and community life.

R. Joseph Dieker, Dean of the College


Oral Session One | Oral Session Two | Oral Session Three | Morning Poster Session | Afternoon Poster Session

Oral Session One
9:00 am – 10:15 am

Healthcare in Administration and Practice
Durham Room | Moderated by Benjamin Greenstein

Reflections from Catalysis: Lean Methodology in Healthcare
Biochemistry & Molecular
Biology Author: Kayla Septer
Sponsor: Barbara Christie-Pope

Operation Walk: The Story of the Honduran People
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Dimensions
Authors: Christy Ralston, Joseph Herrera
Sponsor: Craig Tepper

Cardiac Risk among Eating Disorder Patients
Authors: Abby Herrick, Linden Miles, Mariah Ravet, Elisabeth Sage
Sponsor: Melinda Green

Strong Women Throughout History and Legend
Hedges Conference Room | Moderated by Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch

Artemisia as Exemplar for French Queen Regents: Medici Patronage and a Few Fontainebleau Tapestries
Art & Art History
Author: Kelsey Roberts
Sponsor: Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch

Fascist Archaeology: An Exposé of the Temple of Vesta
Art History & Archaeology
Author: Hayley Uzpen
Sponsor: Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch

The Chronicle of Swashbuckling Rubbish
Digital Humanities
Authors: Andrea Davidson, David DeMoss, Emily Strawn
Sponsor: Helen Rubinstein

Oral History, Discourse, and Activism
Russell Room | Moderated by Misha Quill

A Stroll Through Time: The History of Cornell’s Campus
Authors: Hannah Robertson, Brad Kane
Sponsor: Catherine Stewart

Do African Women Need Saving? The New Western(ized) Woman’s Burden
Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies
Author: Glory-Lieb Tetuh
Sponsor: Aparna Thomas

Environmental Activism and Perception of Nature: Oral Histories and the Iowan Outdoors
Environmental Studies
Author: Carly Pierson
Sponsor: Misha Quill

Oral Session Two
10:45 am – Noon

Creating Waves
Durham Room | Moderated by Jama Stilwell

Spirits Must Rise: A Textual and Musicological Analysis of Adès and Oakes’ The Tempest
Music & English
Author: Emily Wenzel
Sponsor: Jama Stilwell

The Readers and Writers of Creative Nonfiction
English & Creative Writing
Author: Lily Cott
Sponsors: Michelle Mouton, Shannon Reed

Audio Beams: Electronically Steering Directed Acoustic Waves
Physics & Engineering
Author: Simon Fink
Sponsor: Derin Sherman

Libraries from Rome to America
Hedges Conference Room | Moderated by John Gruber-Miller

The Library of Hadrian: A Beacon for Athenian Intellect
Classical Studies
Author: Caitlin Conlon
Sponsor: John Gruber-Miller

American Librarian: Thomas Jefferson and the Classics
Classical Studies
Author: Johnathon Hilliard
Sponsor: John Gruber-Miller

The Library and Literary Endeavors of T. Pomponius Atticus
Classical Studies
Author: John Kintz
Sponsor: John Gruber-Miller

Observing Revolution and Avoiding War
Russell Room | Moderated by Meghan Yamanishi

Deconstructing the Dichotomy: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and Their Views on the French Revolution
Author: Aubrey Kohl
Sponsor: David Yamanishi

Author: Suleiman Ibrahim Shehu
Sponsor: Robert Givens

Oral Session Three
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Understanding Cultures and Places
Durham Room | Moderated by David Yamanishi

The Intersection of Religion and Culture in Predominantly Muslim States
Author: Cairo Eubanks
Sponsor: David Yamanishi

Dark Tourism and the Complexities of Remembrance
International Relations
Author: Mara McLaughlin
Sponsor: David Yamanishi

Wartime Sexual Violence
International Relations
Author: Glory-Lieb Tetuh
Sponsor: David Yamanishi

Intercultural Perspectives on Historical Figures and Conflicts
Hedges Conference Room | Moderated by Lynne Ikach

Panfilov’s Twenty-Eight in the Twenty-First Century
Author: Yiyari De La Garza
Sponsor: Lynne Ikach

Not Just a Background Character: Chukovskaya in the Spotlight
Author: Linden Miles
Sponsor: Lynne Ikach

¡Si Se Puede!: Mujeres Mexicanas que Lucharon Contra el Patriarcado y Cambiaron la Historia de México
Author: Arturo Castillo
Sponsor: Michael Mosier

Uncertainty, Fast Fashion, and Wellbeing
Russell Room | Moderated by Greg Cotton

QPOC’s Development of Social Capital and Wellbeing
Sociology & Anthropology
Author: Vanessa Lylyan Iraheta
Sponsor: Tori Barnes-Brus

The Relationship Between Causal Uncertainty and Rumination
Author: Jessica Freeman
Sponsor: Suzette Astley

Regenerate Fashion
Economics & Business
Author: Nicole Pereira Plaza
Sponsor: Huan Cai

Morning Poster Sessions
10:00 am – 11:30 am

Modeling Forest Fires with Cellular Automata
Mathematics & Statistics
Author: Samuel Cieszynski
Sponsor: Tyler Skorczewski

Coastal Western Australia Paleoclimate over the Last Five Glacial Cycles Using Stalagmite Carbon Isotope Values from Cape Range, Western Australia
Author: James Garrett
Sponsor: Rhawn Denniston

Structural Studies of Ebola Viral Homolog Encoded by Microbats
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Author: Garret Ginell
Sponsor: Craig Tepper

The Abortion Debate in Russia: An ‘Unattainable Compromise’
Author: Leena Kaye
Sponsor: Lynne Ikach

Sedimentary Properties and Metal Concentrations of St. Croix
Author: Jeannie Kort
Sponsor: Kelsey Feser

Systematic Characterization of Resveratrol in Planar Lipid Bilayers by Single-Molecule Studies
Authors: Aidan Litt, MariKate Murphy
Sponsor: Jai Shanata

Analysis of De Novo Missense A-alpha Mutations Associated with Intellectual Disabilities in the PP2A Holoenzyme
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Author: Clint McDaniel
Sponsor: Barbara Christie-Pope

Euler’s Tonnetz and Mary’s Goat: Algorithmic Music Composition
Mathematics & Statistics
Author: Collin Smith
Sponsor: Stephen Bean

In Vivo Tracking of Dendritic Cell Exosomes Nasally Delivered to Brain
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Author: Shashanna Moll
Sponsor: Barbara Christie-Pope

Mollusks as Indicators of Environmental Change around St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
Author: Nina Morris
Sponsor: Kelsey Feser

From Prairie to Monarch: The Search of Life
Authors: Belou Quimby, Marin Dettweiler, Baley Good, Camden Grundeman
Sponsor: Tammy Mildenstein

Understanding Under-Film Water Transportation Rates: Dependency on Molecular Weight, Solvent Selection, and Ion Content
Author: Andres Rosas
Sponsor: Jai Shanata

Helping Fire Coral “Beat the Heat”
Authors: Glorisette Santiago-Rivera, Jasmine Li, Winfield Miller
Sponsor: Craig Tepper

ASB on Pine Ridge Reservation with Re-Member
Ethnic Studies
Authors: Jillian Schulte, Arturo Castillo, Ujessa Dhanak, Octavia Martinez, Jessica Meis, Julian Smith, Sydney Strunk, Cullen Yuska
Sponsor: Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour

Assessing Southern Hemisphere Behavior of the Indo-Pacific Tropical Rain Belt during the Late Holocene through Stable Isotope and U-Th Analyses of a Tropical Western Australian Stalagmite
Author: Elena T. Skosey-LaLonde
Sponsor: Rhawn Denniston

Discovering Patterns of Diversity in Peru
Author: Julia Thome
Sponsor: Marty Condon

Afternoon Poster Sessions
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Characterization of the Effect of Ethanol, 1-Octanol, and Octanoic Acid on Model Gramicidin Ion Channels
Author: Jennifer Aguayo
Sponsor: Jai Shanata

The Sonnenschein Collection of Master Drawings: New Insights
Art & Art History
Authors: Steven Coburn, Jessica Meis
Sponsor: Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch

Synthesis of Brooker’s Merocyanine and Derivatives: Study of Chromism, and Determination of pKas
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Author: Andrea Corbet
Sponsor: Charles Liberko

Computing in Cellular Automata: Smashing Gliders for Fun and Computation
Mathematics & Statistics
Author: Nate Dwyer
Sponsor: James Freeman

Growth, Survival, and Habitat Use by Hatchling and Juvenile Ornate Box Turtles
Authors: Julia Eastham, Kelly Mickael
Sponsor: Andrew McCollum

Maximizing Energy Storage in Activated Carbon Supercapacitors
Physics & Engineering
Author: Noah Foster-Frau
Sponsor: Derin Sherman

Privacy Interfaces for Remote Telepresence Robots
Computer Science
Authors: Jeffrey Klow, Jordan Proby
Sponsor: Ross Sowell

Site Comparisons of Earthquake Destructions in Roman Corinth
Author: Jeannie Kort
Sponsor: John Gruber-Miller

Design and Construction of an Open Return Wind Tunnel
Physics & Engineering
Author: Joshua Lee
Sponsor: Derin Sherman

On the Duration of Time-Averaging in St. Croix Chione
Author: John Lewis
Sponsor: Kelsey Feser

Gas Separations by Mixed-Matrix Membrane and High Surface Area Carbons
Author: Zoe Mann
Sponsor: Craig Teague

A Systematic Evaluation of Memantine and Donepezil’s Active Conformations, Affinities, and Location of Binding on an NMDA Receptor
Author: Victor Martinez
Sponsor: Jai Shanata

Reviving Winifred Mayne Van Etten’s Works
English & Creative Writing
Author: Sydney Pratt
Sponsor: Leslie Hankins

Evaluation of pXRF Technology in the Context of Geology
Author: Michael Sanders
Sponsor: Emily Walsh

Language Learning through Digital Games
French & Digital Humanities
Author: Kat Sayrs
Sponsor: Devan Baty

Maceral and Mineral Characterization of Modern Deposition in an Evaporate Pond: A Multivariable Analysis of Unconsolidated Material from the Triangle Pond Inlet, San Salvador, The Bahamas
Author: Elena T. Skosey-LaLonde
Sponsor: Kelsey Feser

Simulating Quantum Systems for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Computer Science
Author: Simon Fink
Sponsor: Ross Sowell