Race and the Pullman Company, 1913- 1948

April 29th, 2006

The Pullman Company shaped the traveling experience of generations of people in the US, starting in 1867 and continuing for 102 years. Soon after the Civil War, Pullman was one of the first industrial firms to hire former slaves. The Pullman Company was later the site of the first black labor union in the country during the 1920s. Race has played a prominent role in labor relations at Pullman and company policies affected the lives of generations of African-Americans. This presentation will focus on the role of race in determining wages at the Pullman Company from 1913 until 1948. Based on the employee payroll records of a Pullman car manufacturing facility, I will ask “How black workers were treated compared to white workers?”

Charles Trodick, ’07 LeClaire, IA
Major: Geology

Sponsor: Santhi Hejeebu

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