Hurricane-Controlled Beach Dynamics on Windward and Leeward Sides of San Salvador Island, Bahamas

April 29th, 2006

Over an eight year period four beaches on San Salvador Island, Bahamas have been monitored with respect to their dynamic erosion and depositional processes. Beach profiles were made and evidence of two major hurricane events can be seen over the monitoring period. The prevailing easterly trade winds play a major role in the beach dynamics of San Salvador. East Beach and French Bay are located on the windward side of the island; however extensive barrier reefs may be mitigating the wave energy produced from the trade winds. Sandy Point and Rocky Point are located on the leeward sides of the island and are thus subjected to less stress from the trade winds. However, during the winter months, cold fronts from the northwest become the major contributors to the sediment dynamics of these two beaches.

Dustin Waite, ’06 Cedar Rapids, IA
Majors: Geology, Environmental Studies

Sponsor: Benjamin Greenstein

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