An Ozark Stalagmite Record from the Penultimate Deglaciation

April 29th, 2006

We present stable isotopic data from CS-04-5, a 54 cm-high, cylindrical calcite stalagmite from Cosmic Cavern, northwest Arkansas, which grew during the penultimate deglaciation (Termination 2). The chronology for CS-04-5 is based on six U-Th mass spectrometry dates, all of which fall in correct stratigraphic order (140.6±1.9, 138.5±2.6, 137.4±2.1, 136.0±2.5, 134.2±2.0, and 128.7±2.4 ka). Petrographic examination finds five growth hiatuses, none of which were of sufficient duration to fall outside the uncertainties on the radiometric dates. The stalagmite has been analyzed for oxygen and carbon isotopic ratios from 139-136 and 133-128 ka.

Lara Moellers, ’07 Marion, IA
Major: Geolgoy
Diana Krogmeier, ’07 Amherst, CO
Major: Art
Rhawn Denniston
Cornell College

Sponsor: Rhawn Denniston

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